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‘EX ORIENTE LUX - A Stone of the Rising Sun’ by Alexia Weill

25 FEB - 25 MARCH, 2019


MEET THE ARTIST on Monday, 18th Mar, 6-9pm


The exhibition features sculptural stone works by Alexia Weill, who explores the energy of the rising Sun.

The Sun has been a chief conductor of our solar orchestra for more than 4.6 billion years. We rotate at the rate of 1,600 km/h and zip around it at 107,000 km/h.

What is the true nature of Life?
What is Sun’s role in it?
Why has it been central to our quest for higher knowledge?

The exhibition invites us to displace awareness into our stellar nature and feel the pull of solar gravity and its’ strength.

These objects released from stone emanate their earthly evidence and complementary solar origin.
Alexia’s work is a manifestation of Supra-consciousness, revealing our intangible solar symbiosis.

The light comes from the East! or…

Word by the Artist:

For the sculptures present at CHI-KA, I was inspired by the light of the rising Sun. Light in its declinations reveals several rays of inspiration: Sun of the day, Sun of the night, relationship between the Sun and the water, and the Universe.

Inspiration is spontaneous and arises from a dialogue with the mineral kingdom when I am at my studio, in my space of creation.

A sculpture emanates an energy by its wave of form which is circulated in the room where it is. These creations express one of the facets of light emitted by our Sun and notably from the East where symbolically it is revealed first, every day. The symbolism is present in these creations, under different facets that simply must be felt from the energy of each stone: white marble, black basalt, blue granite, yellow limestone.

These impressions are found in the symbolic energy of the circle as perfectly harmonious geometric figure.

About the Artist:

Born in Paris, French-Swiss Alexia Weill is based in Montreux, Switzerland for over a decade. Her late grandfather owned one of the largest art galleries in Paris.
She studied at the Film academy of Paris (ESRA) and at the same time followed drawing and clay sculpture classes at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris.

She exhibited her sculptures in Switzerland, France, Spain, England and New York.
In Switzerland, her sculptures are installed in public gardens in different cities along the Geneva lake.

The artist brings out the spirit of a stone. Before sculpturing each poetic piece, the artist communicates with the raw stone. Each sculpture is a unique work- of-art that irradiates its energy in the weft and invites the elevation by the mineral presence. She prints in stone her emotions, her inner journeys in search of harmony.

She likes to dialogue with the stone which in itself expresses the inner language of our Planet.