OPEN TENT is a new Ramadan iftar and suhoor concept that blends Japanese and Arabic cuisine, contemporary design and cultural sensibility. This month-long, carefully-crafted culinary project is organised by CHI-KA, an Alserkal Avenue-based kimono shop and art space, and is held in partnership with Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Motors.  


Expressing universal values of cultural tolerance, compassion, creativity and community building, OPEN TENT is a welcoming space, bringing together people from all walks of life. Surrounded by contemporary minimalist Japanese decor, bonsai gardens, Arabic calligraphy murals and live oud, residents and visitors are invited to break fast over iftar and enjoy suhoor with friends and family.


A number of activities and workshops will be held over the entire month of Ramadan, including tea ceremony, bonsai tree workshops, origami, poetry recitals, games and more. All are complementary upon entry. Both adults and children are welcome to participate. 


Set in Alserkal Avenue, the region’s foremost arts and culture neighbourhood, OPEN TENT iftar starts daily from sunset (approximately 7pm) to 10pm offering a buffet menu reflective of the Tent’s Japanese and Arabic theme. Iftar is priced at 145dhs.

Suhoor is a-la-carte and is held Wed - Sat from 10:30pm to 2am, ONLY FOR GROUP BOOKINGS. Suhoor is priced at 110dhs for Arabic or 130dhs for Japanese menu. Children under 4 years of age are free of cost and ages between 5-10 years old will be charged at 65dhs per child. Traditional Arabian dishes will be served alongside an assortment of Japanese dishes and desserts. All catering is provided by Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai, and led by Chef Uwe Micheel, Director of Kitchens at Radisson Blu Hotel, and President of Emirates Culinary Guild. 


OPEN TENT is co-produced by Dubai-based event company Blue Dot Events, and designed by architectural design studio SVENM.  

For bookings, both individual and corporate, please call or send an email. 

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